What is an engine air filter?

Also known as an air cleaner, the engine air filter removes impurities, dust, and dirt from the air before they can enter into the engine and adversely affect its operation. It is located in the engine’s air intake system and is an item that requires regular maintenance.

Maintaining your engine air filter:

Regular replacement of the engine air filter will help ensure your engine’s optimal performance, durability, and its fuel efficiency. If the engine does not receive a steady flow of clean air, the vehicle may experience reduced performance, increased fuel consumption, and deterioration from foreign elements. The maintenance interval for the engine air filter will vary based on driving conditions and air quality. Please see your owner’s manual or an authorized Honda dealership for specific maintenance recommendations.

What are the benefits of Honda Genuine Air Filters?

Honda Genuine Air Filters are made from advanced materials designed for superior filtration and airflow. If your engine air filter is due for a replacement, we recommend obtaining a replacement from a Honda dealership. Honda dealers provide access to Honda Genuine Replacement Parts, which are covered for 1 year from the date of purchase, regardless of the installation location. As an added benefit, Honda dealerships have knowledgeable staff who receive continuous client service, process, and technical training. Dealers strive to offer reliability, dependability, and to provide value in their service transactions just as you would expect with your Honda purchase.