What are Honda engine mounts?

Engine mounts are supports that connect the engine and transmission to the vehicle’s chassis. Typically, they are composed of rubber and steel, and are meant to absorb the various motions produced by the operation of the engine and transmission. They are also designed to help reduce engine noise and vibration from being transmitted to the inside of the vehicle. Honda vehicles are equipped with different types of engine mounts, depending on the vehicle, including various vacuum, hydraulic, and electronic control systems.

Maintaining your engine mounts:

Properly functioning engine mounts help reduce engine vibration and ensure smooth operating conditions from your vehicle. Worn or broken engine mounts may be marked by excessive vibration at idle, or under acceleration and braking. In addition, fluid leaks may develop with time and use. If your vehicle is experiencing these symptoms, we recommend having your vehicle evaluated by your preferred Honda dealership.

What are the benefits of Honda Genuine Engine Mounts?

Honda Genuine Replacement Parts are designed and engineered specifically for your Honda vehicle. They are built from premium materials and are designed to operate in harmony with the other Honda Genuine Parts already installed on your vehicle. Honda Genuine Replacement Parts can be purchased from authorized Honda dealers where you will find knowledgeable service staff who receive the most up-to-date technical and service training. You will also enjoy the benefit of 1 year of warranty coverage from the date of purchase of your Honda Genuine Replacement Parts, regardless of installation location. Please see your vehicle’s warranty materials for additional terms and conditions.