The Honda Odyssey Is America’s Favorite Minivan

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Long before its 2018 model, the Honda Odyssey has been a popular mini-van among families. Superior performance, focus on comfort, and convenient design make it an obvious choice for anyone who has more than a few people to drive around and in a city like El Paso, Texas–where long drives are the standard if you’re headed outside the city–those qualities are a must. Below we take a closer look at just why the Honda Odyssey has developed such a cult status among the many Hondas for sale in El Paso and what buyers can expect from the 2019 Honda Odyssey update.A Lifetime of PopularityThe Honda Odyssey has remained on the market for more than two decades, and it consistently ranks among the top van models. Just this year the 2018 Honda Odyssey model garnered praise as the best minivan, best five year cost to own, best minivan for the money, best of what’s new,best van, and best family car in the world–just to name a few. Little surprise then that Honda currently sells more minivans in America than Toyota, Chrysler or any other company. Part of the reason why the 2018 Honda Odyssey has endured as a legendarily reliable car is because the automaker continually adapts its design to meet drivers’ needs and suit changing preferences, remaining at the cutting edge of technology. For example, the addition this year of the Cabin Watch allows drivers to safely monitor what’s happening in the back seat without having to turn around and take their eyes of the road.

The Honda Odyssey’s story began in 1995 when U.S. dealers sold the Odyssey for the first time. At the time, the comparatively small van swiftly garnered praise from motorists and reviewers who appreciated the Odyssey’s durability, interior quietude, and versatility. Modeled after an airline with personal lighting and air vents for each seat, the early Odyssey featured a now familiar innovation: a third row of seats that drivers could store in a compartment beneath the floor without the help of a second set of hands.

Once on the market, the Odyssey attracted buyers with its low maintenance expenses. During the late 1990s, the Odyssey began to move up size, installing more powerful engines to match. A robust V-6 unit replaced its four-cylinder predecessor, and this model quickly became the biggest minivan that Americans could buy. New safety features and a better gearbox bolstered its popularity in 2002. A few years later, Honda satisfied large families by increasing the minivan’s passenger capacity. This change made it possible to carry eight people. Meanwhile, the automaker attracted tech-savvy motorists by introducing cutting-edge options. This innovative equipment included a rearview camera and a navigation system that could accept voice commands, according to Autotrader. Bolder styling and improved electronics arrived in 2011.A Worthy HeirSince its beginnings, the Honda Odyssey has developed unique new features have to solve common problems in convenient ways. For instance, Honda became the first automaker to integrate an optional vacuum cleaner into a minivan. Today’s 2018 Honda Odyssey wins praise for its handling, safety and reliability. It also provides new technologies like CabinTalk, a system that lets motorists use the van’s stereo equipment to amplify their voices, or a feature of the backseat camera (mentioned before) that boasts night-vision capabilities, so kids can’t hide their misbehavior in the dark.

Always current, the 2018 Odyssey’s newest technologies appeal to smartphone and tablet users. It’s possible to add Wi-Fi internet access or equipment that wirelessly charges cellphones. A mobile app known as CabinControl allows passengers to change rear-zone heating, cooling, and audio settings for a perfectly individualized experience (necessary for road trips with family).
Whether running errands in El Paso or heading further out, the new Magic Slide system allows owners to move the second row of seats in various ways. Different configurations maximize cargo or passenger room. A driver can remove the middle seat while leaving the other two units in place. Although it offers plentiful interior space and a strong engine, the Odyssey ranks among the most fuel-efficient minivans. The new 10-speed transmission helps it travel 19 to 28 miles per gallon. This vehicle also has a system that saves fuel by automatically turning off unneeded engine cylinders. The 2018 Honda Odyssey doesn’t only surpass large SUVs by conserving gasoline. It also ensures a particularly high level of safety for drivers as well as passengers. A sturdy design and sophisticated technology have enabled it to earn impressive ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This advantage holds special importance for many parents.

What’s In the Future?

With all those highlights to take into account, drivers may wonder if they should buy the current model or wait to see what the 2019 Honda Odyssey brings to the table. Automotive engineers fully redesigned this minivan for 2018; they made substantial changes to the wheels, sliding doors, lights, and other equipment. Consequently, the automaker will probably introduce relatively minor updates when it releases the 2019 Honda Odyssey. Rumors about these adjustments appear on various forums, though little has been confirmed just yet. The 2019 Honda Odyssey may benefit from slightly better technology and safety features. Buyers might gain additional color and equipment options, such as a turbocharged engine. Improved door seals and shock absorbers could make the cabin even quieter.Check out our current cars for sale in El Paso!

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