How to Jump-Start a Car

Jump Start a Car

Car won’t jump-start? Learn how to properly jump-start a car from the service experts at Rudolph Honda in this handy guide. Usually when a vehicle won’t start, all you need is a jump-start, car battery service, or something along those lines. Knowing how to jump-start a car can be a life saver. The proper way to jump-start a car is extremely simple to perform, and it keeps you from having to call a jump-start car service that serves Las Cruces, NM. Keep reading to learn how.

How to Properly Jump-Start a Car

Before you start, make sure that you have all the materials you need in order to do the proper way to jump-start a car:

  • A second car (perhaps from a friend or neighbor in Alamagordo, NM)
  • Jumper cables 
  • Your Owner’s manual

If you don’t have one of the first two items, it is likely you will need to call a jump-start car service like AAA that serves the Van Horn area. Otherwise, once you have everything that you need, just follow these steps and you’ll jump-start your car battery. Car won’t jump start? Don’t worry, we address that afterwards:

  1. Park both vehicles across from each other. Make sure they are both off, and that they both have their parking brakes engaged.
  2. Open each of their hoods and find the batteries. The terminals will be covered with a plastic hood. Remove it. 
  3. Find the positive and negative terminals of each. They must be clean and free of corrosion. If that isn’t the case, contact us with your questions.
  4. Connect the red clamp to the positive post on the dead battery. 
  5. Uncoil the battery cable, then take the other red clamp. Connect it to the positive terminal on the batter with charge. 
  6. Take the black clamp and connect it to the negative terminal on the battery with charge. 
  7. Take the other black clamp and attach it to a section of unpainted metal surface on your car’s frame. 
  8. Once all clamps are connecte, start the engine of the car that has the good battery. 
  9. That should jump-start the dead vehicle. Once you are successful, remove the jumper cables in reverse order. Then shut off the car with the good battery. 
  10. It is very important that you leave the car that was just jump-started running for at least ten minutes. This will ensure the battery doesn’t just die right away. Your owner’s manual will likely have a recommended time in it for your car’s model. 

Troubleshooting a Car That Won’t Jump-Start

It can be frustrating if your car won’t jump-start, but don’t worry too much. There are methods of troubleshooting the issue to determine what’s wrong. The most likely problem is that you need to order a battery replacement from our parts center, but there’s always the possibility of a more complex electrical problem. Use these troubleshooting methods:

  1. Try to start the car. If you only hear a clicking sound, the problem might be that the starter is broken or not functioning. Schedule service with Rudolph Honda in El Paso and we’ll be able to replace it for you. 
  2. If the electrical systems of the car turn on, but the engine doesn’t turn over, then there’s a myriad of possibilities. You need a professional mechanic to check whether the ignition switch, battery, starter, or a fuse is the issue.
  3. Also, always remember to leave your car running after getting the jump. If you don’t let it keep running, the battery won’t charge up and even if you just jump-started the car, it might appear as if it didn’t work. 

You can Rely on the Rudolph Honda Service Team

We here at the Rudolph Honda service center want nothing more than for your car to be in the best shape possible. Whether you need a new battery or an oil change, we’re happy to help. Make sure to check our service specials as well and see whether you can get a great deal on your next visit.