Honda Maintenance Program

Maintain Peak Performance Honda Care Maintenance [1]

Purchasing Honda Care Maintenance™ means you’ll never have to pay more if labor and parts costs go up because covered services are prepaid. It also helps to keep your Honda in top condition, maintaining performance and value. If you choose to sell your car, Honda Care is transferable to the new owner.

Simply bring in your vehicle when the Maintenance Minder™ indicator lights up, and the required services listed in the owner’s manual will be covered1. Click one of the topics below to learn more or visit your local Honda dealer.

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See What’s Covered

Honda Care Maintenance includes the following services:

Oil and filter [2]
Tire rotation
Air intake filter
Cabin air filter
Automatic transmission fluid
Rear differential fluid
Transfer case fluid
Brake fluid
Multi-point inspection:
Front and rear brakes
Parking brake adjustment
Tie rod ends
Steering gearbox and boots
Suspension components
Driveshaft boots
Brake hoses and lines (including ABS/VS)
All fluid levels and condition of fluids
Exhaust system
Fuel lines and connections
Drive belts
Payment Plan Options

Do you know that you can purchase Honda Care Maintenance with an interest-free payment plan? Ask your Honda dealer for details [3].

Combine Service Contracts
Along with Honda Care Maintenance, you can also purchase other Honda Care® Vehicle Service Contracts [4]. When you combine the two, you can rest assured, knowing you have both routine maintenance and extensive component coverage.

More Reasons to Prepay
Your vehicle will be serviced by factory-trained Honda technicians
Protects you from inflation should labor and parts costs rise
Helps keep your Honda in top condition, maintaining performance and value
Allows you to transfer coverage should you sell your vehicle
Backed by American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Download the Brochure
Honda Care Maintenance Brochure

[1] Only offered at participating dealerships. Additional services may be recommended by your dealer; these services may not be covered.
[2] Excludes replacement of natural-gas vehicle fuel filters, spark plugs, timing belt and engine coolant, and water pump inspection.
[3] Interest-free payment plans provided by Service Payment Plan, Inc.
[4] Excludes Honda Care® Sentinel 3/45 and Honda Care Sentinel Services™.
Coverage for a Maintenance plan begins on the purchase date and at the mileage on the odometer on that date. The coverage term is calculated from the in-service date and at zero (0) miles, and expires when the terms of your contract are reached.
This document is intended to provide an overview of coverages and benefits. Actual coverages, limitations and exclusions may vary. See your Maintenance Contract for complete details.
Excludes electric vehicles.