6 Spots To Take Engagement Photos in El Paso Texas

February 24th, 2018 by

Engagement photos are a (hopefully!) once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing. While you might expect city=" Texas to only offer desert landscapes (tumbleweed, anyone?), there are a variety of picturesque spots to snap elegant engagement photos–cactus optional. Below, we’ve put together some of the best spots around city=", no matter your wedding inspo aesthetic.

San Jacinto Plaza

Looking for a mix of urban and nature for your engagement theme? Head downtown to San Jacinto Plaza, where you can choose between greenery, vintage buildings, and alligators (an essential wedding decision every couple must make). Depending on the season, you might also luck out by having local art installations to work with. Plus, while you’re downtown, you can grab a bite to eat at one of favorite spots. Just make sure to schedule time during the week for your shoot; on the weekends the plaza is often bustling with visitors.

Franklin Mountains

Epic cool engagement photo backdrop without the epically expensive plane ticket? Check. If you’re the outdoorsy type and can make it to the top, just about anywhere in the Franklin Mountains offers a stunning view of the East and Westside of city=", with some New Mexico and Mexico thrown in for good measure. Even if you’re not up to a full trek (totally understandable if you’re all dressed up), you can catch some stunning backdrops of the Mesilla Valley along the lower parts of the mountains on the Westside.

The Chihuahua Desert Garden at UTEP

If you’re looking for something timeless and a little wild, head to UTEP’s Chihuahua gardens, right in the heart of campus. The botanic garden is carefully cultivated (no weeds here!) with more than 800 species, perfect for nature-themed engagement photos. Benches, walkways, and (of course) Bhutanese architecture are all options, if you’re not sure quite what feel you’re going for and want some options to work with. Heads up, the space also has a giant orange wall (#GoMiners), in case you’re looking for some palette inspiration. (Kidding! …Or not?)Downtown Murals If you aren’t pressed for time and have a little extra time to explore, head downtown to check out the local murals, whose strong lines and punchy colors are an ideal graphic background for engagement photos. We especially recommend the series between the convention center and the ballpark, which feature panels themed around different colors (so don’t worry about your outfit clashing!). For those who are curious, the mural pictured about is the kissing nopalitos mural outside of Nosh on the Westside.city="

Municipal Rose Garden

For the romantic and classically minded, the city=" Municipal Rose Garden is all of your dreams come true and makes for a stunning floral engagement photo background in city="’s own Eastside. Roses might seem antithetical to the desert, but the Rose Garden has a solid four acres of roses, planted with 1,500 bushes and 430 varieties. Do note that roses are seasonal, so head there when the plants are in full bloom for the best results. Blooming usually starts in March but the roses really hit their stride in May, June, and July. Of course, while you’re there, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses! McKelligon CanyonIf you’d rather be surrounded by mountains (rather than on them), head to Eastside’s scenic McKelligon Canyon. Like the Franklin Mountains, you’ll get plenty of dramatic backdrops, but your photographer will probably thank you for not making them climb all the way to the top. If you’ve got some flexibility in your timing, try to head there after a season of rain when the plants are blooming and green.***Looking to make your photoshoot more of an adventure? If you’re down for a drive White Sands is a stunning spot. Just be sure you’re okay with wearing sunglasses in your pictures, or else head there in the early morning or late afternoon (trying to keep your eyes open at midday is pretty much impossible).

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