5 Reasons Why Servicing Your Car at Rudolph Honda Service Dept. Extends The Life Of Your Vehicle

July 25th, 2018 by

At Rudolph Honda of El Paso Texas, we go above and beyond to provide the best service possible to our customers. That’s why so many local Honda owners have their vehicles repaired here at our lot. Having a Honda dealership perform maintenance and repairs comes with many benefits that most don’t consider.Quicker Turnaround Times on Repairs. If you value your time, servicing your Honda at a certified dealer will save you plenty of it. Reputable Honda dealerships excel at diagnosing mechanical or electrical problems on short notice and putting cars back on the road ASAP. Oftentimes, dealerships can fix major issues that would stump generic repair shops inside of an afternoon.
 Superior knowledge of the vehicles in question is the reason why Honda dealerships can repair cars and trucks so quickly. Honda dealerships have expert technicians on the payroll that have access to the best parts and know how to service an automobile rapidly. Those technicians don’t have to waste time Googling the symptoms of problems to figure out the fastest way to fix them.A Better Return on Your InvestmentThe reality is that servicing your Honda at a dealership like Rudolph Honda will save you plenty of money over time. We can beat local mechanics on price in the short term and provide better long-term ROI. The idea that dealerships are more expensive when it comes to repairs is a myth. For one thing, we routinely charge less than local shops for run-of-the-mill service jobs like oil changes and tire rotations. What’s more, our qualified technicians diagnose problems without making the errors that many non-Honda mechanics frequently do. When you’re not throwing parts at a problem via guesswork, you’ll spend less in the long run on repairs.

A Superior Overall Driving Experience

When you buy a Honda, you expect a tight ride and precision performance. While anyone can fix a tie rod end or a ball joint, it takes a keen eye and plenty of experience to deliver the best results. Certified Honda techs that know their stuff can do these jobs in their sleep. Dealerships use the best OEM fluids and parts to ensure that your vehicle fires on all cylinders. What’s more, Honda-certified dealership mechanics have immediate access to the software updates that modern Honda vehicles require to function properly. Lastly, Honda-certified techs are better equipped to nip developing problems in the bud before they impact the functioning of your car.

Peace of Mind via Warranty Protection

One of the biggest advantages of relying on a dealership for servicing and repairs is the risk management capability that warranties provide. Warranties protect drivers from unexpected repair costs associated with parts failures that aren’t their fault. What’s more, warranty coverage will ensure that your Honda gets back on the road quickly. By establishing a maintenance relationship with a dealership, you’ll get advance notice of recommended fixes covered by your warranty. Most issues will arise early in the life of the vehicle while the warranty still applies. Having seasoned Honda technicians work out the kinks while the warranty is still in effect will greatly extend a vehicle’s longevity.

Greater Resale Value in the Future

It’s no secret that any given Honda will retain resale value far better than most models from competing brands. Maintaining a vehicle through a dealership will ensure that you get the best price for your used Honda if you decide to sell. What’s more, a history of dealership maintenance will substantially boost trade-in value.

Ultimately, the greatest unknown that consumers must deal with when purchasing a used vehicle is how well the car or truck was maintained. Dealer-based servicing and repair helps to alleviate the fear that a Honda will turn out to be a lemon. After all, genuine OEM parts installed by manufacturer-trained technicians virtually guarantee that a Honda will go the distance. Caring for Your Honda the Smart Way When it comes to repairing and maintaining their Hondas, El Paso Texas drivers have many options. If you want to keep your Honda running like a top, bringing it into Rudolph Honda for regular tune-ups is highly recommended. We’ll deliver the best service and support that money can buy at a price that’s nearly impossible to beat.
Source: Rudolph Honda Blog

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