5 Reasons Why Adopting a Rescue Dog is the Way to Go

February 11th, 2018 by

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but unfortunately, we don’t always treat them that way. Though fewer animals in shelters are being euthanized than ever before, city=" Animal Services reports that more than 8,600 dogs and cats were still put down in 2017. Across the United States, that number stands at a staggering 2.7 million adoptable pets per year on average. Though some dogs are euthanized for health reasons, many others simply go unadopted as those looking for pets turn instead to pet stores or puppy mills. To put an end to these unnecessary deaths, it’s important that pet lovers throughout city=" Texas consider local adopting dogs and giving these beautiful animals a second chance at life. Here are just a few reasons why rescue dogs are the right choice when it comes to finding a new four-legged friend.

Adopting Dogs Saves Lives Despite a variety of measures aimed at addressing the issue, there are still simply too many dogs and not enough loving families ready to adopt them. Because of this, shelters in city=" Texas – and elsewhere all across the country – fill up with dogs who are waiting to find a forever home. Unfortunately, while some shelters pledge never to euthanize pets except as a medical necessity, others can only keep their dogs for a certain period of time before they are put down. The only way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to opt for adopting dogs rather than purchasing them from pet stores or breeders. As an added bonus, when adopting from a shelter, the associated adoption fees typically go directly to funding the shelter’s operation and helping other animals. In this way, an adoption can help to save more than just one life.

Rescue Dogs Save Money In addition to being far more humane and compassionate, adopting dogs makes financial sense as well. Buying a dog from a pet shop, online store or puppy mill often costs hundreds of dollars or more, and that doesn’t include the high costs of vaccinations, spaying or neutering, microchipping and other necessary expenses that come with purchasing a pet. With rescue dogs, the costs are far lower. Adoption expenses typically range from about $50 to $200, and many shelters take care of age-appropriate vaccinations, spaying or neutering and sometimes even microchipping for no additional cost. Adopted animals may also be previously trained and housebroken, eliminating further hassle and expenses. That’s a big saving!

Puppy Mills Are Unhealthy One of the sad realities of pet ownership is that there’s a lot of money to be made with breeding. While some breeders do their work safely and conscientiously, others breed with no consideration for anything other than profit. These setups, called puppy mills, are known for intensive, high-volume dog breeding amid conditions that are often unsafe and inhumane. Even worse, puppy mills frequently engage in inbreeding, which results in dogs that are genetically less fit and more prone to various health ailments. Local adopting dogs cuts down on the demand for puppy mills, meaning fewer dogs are bred into these heartbreaking conditions. There’s a Dog for Everyone Choosing a dog to adopt is an important and deeply personal decision, and everyone is looking for something a bit different. Some pet lovers may want a young puppy who can learn and grow up as part of the family, while others may be looking for a mature dog who is used to living with people and doesn’t need any additional training. For some, a purebred is the only choice. For others, the breed doesn’t matter nearly as much as the dog’s disposition. Fortunately, for those who are willing to look hard enough, it’s possible to find any of these things at pet shelters. In fact, some local organizations even provide a service through which people looking for specific breeds can sign up to be notified if a new dog matching their preference is brought in.

Adopted Pets Are Great While many people believe that dogs end up in shelters because they are difficult or otherwise don’t make good pets, the reality is often the opposite. Most dogs are placed in shelters because their previous owners simply can’t take care of them, whether because of a move, financial difficulties or other changing circumstances. Shelter dogs are often sweet, well-behaved and simply desperate to find a new owner to love them. They’re usually happy, healthy and ready to become a beloved part of the family. There are thousands of dogs throughout city=" Texas just waiting to find their forever homes. Choosing to adopt and rescue them rather than buying from a pet store or puppy mill can save the lives of many of these precious animals, and it’s better for all involved. Not sure where to start? Check out the adoptable pages of Animal Rescue League of city=", Humane Society of city=", and city=" Animal Services Shelter. So, why wait? Go save a life and find a new best friend today!

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