Why Honda Earned More Than 25 Awards & Accolades in 2018

Rudolph Honda is proud to sell vehicles from a brand that has won high praise from a wide range of media outlets and other organizations. Honda received more than two dozen awards during the first half of this year. These commendations reflect its cars' safety, cutting-edge designs, efficiency, reliability, performance and high resale values. The automaker's brilliant engineering and quality control have made this possible. Motorists in El Paso Texas can save…
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5 Reasons Why Servicing Your Car at Rudolph Honda Service Dept. Extends The Life Of Your Vehicle

At Rudolph Honda of El Paso Texas, we go above and beyond to provide the best service possible to our customers. That's why so many local Honda owners have their vehicles repaired here at our lot. Having a Honda dealership perform maintenance and repairs comes with many benefits that most don't consider. 


Quicker Turnaround Times on Repairs

If you value your time, servicing your Honda at a certified dealer will save you plenty…
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The 2019 Honda Insight Brings Impressive Fuel Efficiency To Rudolph Honda in El Paso, Texas

Gas-electric hybrid cars have gained a lot of media exposure, but only two out of every 100 American buyers choose these vehicles. That could change drastically as Honda reintroduces the 2019 Insight sedan with new styling, more appealing features and a great price. This automaker started selling a hybrid car in the U.S. before any other company. However, the original Insight had an unusual shape and comparatively little room for passengers or cargo. The…
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Eco-Friendly And Stylish The 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Brings Fun Fuel Savings To El Paso

Some drivers want to save fuel and minimize their impact on the ecosystem, but they still desire a spacious vehicle with high-end amenities. These motorists may appreciate the 2018 Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid. People in El Paso Texas can find this remarkable full-size sedan at Rudolph Honda. It has a strong resemblance to the 2018 Accord. Nonetheless, unique styling sets it apart from other cars and compels onlookers to ask questions.
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What Is Known So Far Of The 2019 Honda HRV

Sneak Peak At The 2019 Honda HRV
While the HRV isn't nearly as famous as its Civic and Accord brethren, legions of El Paso Texas drivers have come to love this sporty little CUV. At Rudolph Honda, we understand that Honda HRV owners are a distinctive breed that accept nothing less than the best. The upcoming 2019 Honda HRV is sure to defy all expectations and set new sales records. Here's a short…
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The 2019 Honda Fit Has Arrived, Here Is What You Need To Know.

Should You Test-Drive the 2019 Honda Fit?
The 2019 Honda Fit reached Rudolph Honda in El Paso, Texas early in May. During the past year, this popular subcompact model only underwent a few changes. Its manufacturer introduced a paint color known as Platinum Pearl White and added automatic high-beam lights to the Honda Sensing package. This feature activates high beams at night when the car doesn't sense any nearby vehicles. Otherwise, the Fit remains…
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Advantages of Purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Honda at Rudolph Honda in El Paso, TX

When drivers want to find dependable pre-owned vehicles, they can benefit from browsing the certified used cars at Rudolph Honda in El Paso Texas. These vehicles combine the affordability of a pre-owned auto with the quality assurance of a new car. Honda offers a superior certification program. Qualifying vehicles must meet a number of strict standards that this automaker has established. They come with generous warranties as well. If any repairs prove necessary, drivers can…
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2019 Honda Odyssey: The Perfect Vehicle For Soccer Families.


It's no secret that the Honda Odyssey is a great vehicle for big families with active children. If you need a practical yet well-equipped minivan that'll go the distance without breaking the bank, the Odyssey fits the bill. Here are just a few reasons why the 2019 Honda Odyssey is a slam dunk for El Paso TX soccer families on the go. 

Impeccable Safety Features

When the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety names…
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The Ultimate Camping Vehicle - 2019 Honda Ridgeline

The El Paso TX area offers great opportunities for camping and other fun outdoor activities. Locals may travel to several popular destinations in less than two hours. These attractions include the Lincoln National Forest in Ruidoso NM and Cloudcroft's Lincoln National Forest. If they're willing to drive for three hours, residents can reach Elephant Butte Lake. The 2019 Honda Ridgeline boasts a number of features that make it the perfect vehicle for camping…
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Take A Sneak Peak At The Refreshed 2019 Honda Pilot


One of the hottest mid-size CUVs in America, the Honda Pilot is a perennial favorite of savvy El Paso TX drivers. The 2019 Honda Pilot will be hitting the streets in just a couple of short months. Since it's gone a few years without a major refresh, we can expect the new Honda Pilot to display a number of novel mechanical and design tweaks. Here's a preview of the 2019 model that you can expect to see at Rudolph Honda this fall.
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